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This is my first go at creating a zine, and is the first zine of art almost solely focused on the female Cybertronians in the Transformers franchise, as far as I can tell (if I'm wrong, please tell me). I'm planning on a second one next year, but for now, please enjoy this one! :)

If you want to support any of the contributors, here are the links to the ones who have donation buttons!

ZeeNovos (me) - Artist tip jar

Angrynerdshark - Ko-fi button

Eleanorose123 - Ko-fi button

And here are two alternate places to find two of the contributors:

Robohaven - Itch.io

CoriCuri - Tumblr

All other links are on the contributor page at the end of the zine.


Transformers femme zine.pdf 237 MB


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